Strategy to be Fearless in Life

I had a high brain fever when I was just one month old. I was admitted to ICU for many days. Then I became deaf and dumb. It was the same condition as happened to Great Helen Keller. My Mom broke into tears after seeing my pest conditions. It was when I was not making any movements in the mother’s womb. Eventually, they thought I was dead. After I was born, they thanked God for such a miraculous recovery.

I was then taken to a speech therapist. Still, after that, I was unable to speak. After a course period of one year, I studied nursery class two times because I was not responding to anything. Doctors advised me to take an audiometry test. Then it was discovered that I had 99 percent hearing loss. That’s what they called as profound hearing loss in both ears. My parents bought me new hearing aids for a hearing problem. Some classmates bullied me, called me Chitti as in Robot movie because I was wearing a hearing machine and for not speaking clearly. This feared me profusely.

But that didn’t stop me from achieving goals. The same day I practiced speech all on my own. I tried to listen harder all on my own. Now everyone called me a miracle. Years rolled by. I completed the eleventh class. Won many prizes particularly Essay competitions. I topped the class. Got good grades in +2. Got a seat in Anna University. Currently pursuing BE Computer science.

Then only I learned,

Life has both ups and downs, You have to face everything without any fear in order to remove obstacles that put you down.

The College of Engineering, Guindy is a public engineering college in Chennai, India and is India's oldest technical institution, founded in 1794.

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