Hey there! I am from a Computer Science background but that doesn’t mean that I need need not know anything about Economics. Economics is the backbone of Life. Without Global Economics, is like a food without a SALT!!
Let me ask you something. Do you know actually taking a Loan may give you Interest? What? Really?
Yes, Debt creates MONEY. If you take a loan of about 10 Lakhs and deposit it to another bank, you are actually taking an interest. The same Bank you deposited earlier might take that Loan again. More debts in the economy are like creating more cash!
Confusing, Am I right? The three books that you can read it to read like Warren Buffet are-
1. Economics 101 by Alfred Mill
2. Currency wars by James Rickard
3. Capital in the Twenty-first Century by Thomas Piketty.
Once you read those three books, admit it, you are a great Economists now.
The hot topics ongoing right now are CATT-Funnel and Frameworks.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What’s actually is CATT- Funnel? Is there any formula in Marketing? might be coming up in your minds.
Yes, Definition of Wealth!
Wealth= n * meow’T
N is your Niche. What topics you really have Interested, you have Passion, you have in your heart.
Define that Niche [n]. Note the Niche, It’s can be your favorite topics, your passion, your path to the Definition of Life you actually rely upon.
Your success and wealth depend on the niche you select.
Now for MEOW!
Do you have Ideas to move your ideas to the next level? It can be your medium you choose to follow upon. They are your CONTENT!
Keep your content alive by choosing the path of Niche you follow. The content may be your Blog Post, your YouTube channel, your Live webinars, your Social way of interaction.

Okay Lokesh, We have Niche and content. Is that all we want to succeed and make balance in Life?

No! Why sudden jumping to conclusions. You need Ingredients to make your perfect food.
What about Attention and Trust?

You may be good at Chef but if you taste and enjoy yourself, then it has no meaning! You need to contribute your secret Dish to your people and you need their attention first.

For Attention, you need to have tools to drive your current content to release worldwide.
You can drive your content via SEO, Social Media paid Ads, and referrals.

Wow, you have now published your secret receipts to everyone. I liked it way too much. It grabs my Attention towards that secret receipt. Attention is a role here! Congrats, you have successfully grabbed your secret receipts' attention from the public.

The last stage is when your people changed customers browse for your secret receipts and try it to make on their own. Give a pat to yourself! You have built a social chain between you and your customers. TRUST is achieved. Retargeting and Marketing Automation comes under this category.

But that’s doesn’t end here! The transaction is the key… You might want to convert your Leads into customers with natural sales strategy.

Well! You got your secret receipt! Go and rule the world!!!

When it comes to collecting your niche, you need to have special interaction between your passion, your market, your Talent.

When you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a SUN
- Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

This is the way to evoke your internal personal branding.