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Hey there! I am from a Computer Science background but that doesn’t mean that I need need not know anything about Economics. Economics is the backbone of Life. Without Global Economics, is like a food without a SALT!!
Let me ask you something. Do you know actually taking a Loan may…

The time has come for this man. From rags to riches, This Man definitely needs no introduction! He is a father, founder, Author, Advisor, Investor, World Explorer. He is none other than Lokesh Sr.!

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He just taught everyone about the downtrodden of societies, Disabled people, backward classes, etc He removed…

Part 4 - Importance of Exercise and Yoga

Hello everyone. Welcome to the next part of my series on how I lost weight. So this is basically all about my journey of how I was able to lose a huge amount of weight in healthy manner. This series will be…



Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing great. I am doing very well by the grace of God. So it is a beautiful day to start our next part. So we are already done with the…



Hi everyone. I hope you are having a beautiful day. Now we are ready with part two of the series on how I lost my weight effectively. We are basically going to discuss the role of water, how much…

Part 1

Hi, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I’m also doing great. It is a great day to start beautiful series

So this particular article is the first part of how you can lose weight series.

This series describes my journey of losing a certain amount of weight in a…

What is REACT?

It’s an open source library for building user Interfaces

Not a framework

It focus mainly on UI

Rich Ecosystem

Photo by Ferenc Almasi on Unsplash

Why learn REACT

Created and Maintained by Facebook

More than 100k Stars on Github

Huge community of Developers

In Demand skillset

Why it’s a good choice?

React is…


Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to support in-app and touch-to-touch purchases on mobile devices, allowing users to pay with Android phones, tablets or watches. …

Over the next 38 years, he published 47 novels, 18 non-fiction works, 12 short stories, 2 plays, and various articles and correspondence.

Trollope has achieved her incredible productivity by writing over a period of 15 minutes over three hours a day.

His strategy is explained in Mason Currey’s book:


I’ll share how your creativity works, how to find your hidden creative genius and how to create meaningful work by learning how to turn creative thinking into habits.

What is creativity?

Let’s define creativity.
Creative thinking is not about creating something new from a blank slate, but rather about taking what…


The College of Engineering, Guindy is a public engineering college in Chennai, India and is India's oldest technical institution, founded in 1794.

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